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Posting on this forum is a privilege not a right.

1. We welcome debates and differing opinion but we do not tolerate personal attack, slanders or other form of abuse towards any members.

2. No criticism of posts/topics/members of other forums.

3. No removal of contents from this site without prior permission of the moderating team.

4. No posting of material that may infringe copyright laws of any country. Source must be cited if the material posted is not original.

5. PG-13. No pornography, contents or avatars that may offend members of the forum.

6. Each member is only allowed one log in account. Multiple identity or impersonation is strictly prohibited.

7. No discussion of RELIGION and POLITICS or any topics that may result in disputes and controversies.

8. Please refrain from using expletives in any form. We want this to be as friendly an environment as possible. After all, there are ladies and kids in here as well.

9. No spamming or unauthorized commercial postings or listing in the "Forums" without prior approval from Administrators. "Marketplace" is free and for personal use.

10. All posts and activities carried out on the forum must adhere to Singapore and International Laws. Failure to comply may lead to criminal prosecution.

Buy, Sell or Trade

1. Buy sell or trade is allowed in Market Place forum. Please read terms and conditions in the announcement before posting.

2. No selling of counterfeit items.

3. If you cannot verify the authenticity of your item, do not list your item.

Terms of Use

1. Moderators have the right to remove, move or edit any post that do not comply to our rules and regulation.

2. All decisions by the moderating team is final.

3. You must respect the moderators and administrators. Administrators and Moderators work voluntarily on this forum and provide critical support to the forum. Administrators ensure the daily operation of the forum and pay for the forum subscribed features.

4. Golf Republic will maintain the confidentiality of users' data and particulars provided that the said user does not infringe the terms and conditions of Golf Republic.

5. Golf Republic will not be liable in the event that personal data such as email or IP address is requested by an enforcement or regulatory agency in case of infringement of laws.

6. Your continued access to and use of the forum constitutes your acceptance of these terms, including any changes made thereto. Golf Republic will endeavor to, but is not obliged to, notify you of such changes and you are therefore advised to review these terms and conditions regularly.

Other Important Notices

1. Please be advised that you require a minimum of 20 posts before you can post an item for sale. This is to prevent users who misuse our forum as a free classified. Users spamming the forum with meaningless posts to clock numbers will be banned.

2. You would require a minimum of 5 posts in order to send a private message(PM) to other users. This is to prevent spammers or bots from using the PM function to send spams.

By clicking on " I agree to these terms " below:
- You acknowledge to have fully read these current rules;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly these current rules;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any discussion subject at any moment

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